Menopause may appear to be overwhelming!
Heavier periods, sleepless nights, feeling bloated, forgetful, irritable, itching, leaky, or gaseous – Argggg!!!!

Why didn’t anyone inform me?

Menopause Health Practitioner

Patrice Lockhart

As a Menopause Health Practitioner, I am a messenger to women  & men every where affected by menopause. A messenger, taking my candle into the absence of light and awareness of menopause and bringing illumination and understanding.

My joy is great when women call me and express that they have gotten relief from menopausal symptoms that plagued them and they did not think help was a possibility.  My joy comes when I provide help for menopausal women and their marriages and or relationships are better.

Menopause Survival Care


Wouldn't it be great if there was a quick & easy way to access solutions?

12 Things Every Male Should Know About Menopausal Women

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8 Steps Every Menopausal Woman Should Do​

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The Choice Is Yours!

99% of women enter the menopausal transition unaware, uninformed, and unprepared, to deal with the changes they will go through physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Suffer & Survive

If you do not equip yourself with the right knowledge about Menopause, the harsh consequences can be damaging.

Revive & Thrive

Get to know what you should know about Menopause and face it like a warrior. Together, we'll handle this.

Work With Me

Menopause is that time of life when more than anything a woman needs understanding, kindness, and support.  The good news about Menopause is that the symptoms won’t last forever, it is a stage of life. But women need to be educated on the topic of menopause to better travel through their menopausal journey.  

I’d love to support more women, business organizations, churches, and other groups to bring more menopause awareness and education. I provide Menopause Seminars & presentations for groups of women, churches, civic groups, organizations, etc.  I also provide corporate seminars for Menopause in the Work Place as well as training for H.R. managers, managers & supervisors, and anyone who has employees under their leadership.

Menopause - FAQs

Menopause looks different in each woman so each set of symptoms is different from woman to woman. There are between 35 – 45 symptoms that a woman experiences during her menopausal journey.

The rapid decline of estrogen disrupts brain chemistry. To accommodate this, the brain function changes slightly, causing the brain to work harder. In time though the brain will make the necessary adjustments.

Many women have trouble sleeping due to menopause.  This is due to the decline in estrogen in the brain stem. The brain stem is responsible for sleep & wake.

Also, a part of that brain & menopause connection effect is the emotional and memory center. When the estrogen starts getting low in this area mood swings come into play and women forget things and have challenges with concentration.

This is not a hopeless situation; women can help their brains.  My services include a holistic protocol that helps to create as well as restore hormonal balance for women.

Many women worry about their relationships and the direction it goes in during menopause. The fact is that chemical changes in a woman’s brain do affect her behavior. Oftentimes, women themselves are not clear about what they are experiencing which makes it difficult to explain to their partners.

Statistics reveal that the divorce rate is highest when women are between 40-50 years of age.  This is the time of life when a woman is going through her menopausal journey.  She may be experiencing mood swings, loss of libido, sleeplessness, some are dealing with depression, anxiety, memory fog, lack of concentration, weight gain, etc. 

During this time men don’t know what is going on with the mood changes or what is causing them, nor do they understand the sudden lack of interest in sex or a woman suddenly not wanting to be touched anymore. Men genuinely don’t understand but want to fix it, but for the most part, women themselves have a hard time explaining what is going on.

The challenge is, that too few women have a clear understanding of menopause and the connection between the changes in their mental, emotional and physical health and that there is a clear cause to what is going on with them.


You are not alone and never will be. I am here to help you pass menopause with comfort & ease.

The consultation sessions will be done via Zoom.

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